Holiday Gifting: Your Guide to Client Gifting During the Busy Holiday Season

Are your holiday client gifts ending up in the dark corners of closets or desk drawers? We’ve all been on the receiving end of holiday fruit baskets or waves of cookie tins. But finding the right client gifts that they will actually appreciate can seem like an overwhelming task. Don’t let your efforts and investment get lost in the holiday shuffle. Instead, focus on authentic gifting that hits the mark.


The “Why” of Holiday Gifting

This time of year is likely meaningful to many of your clients. Surprising them with a thoughtful gesture not only affirms your commitment to exceptional service, but is also a great opportunity to connect your firm to their values. The result: a strengthened relationship and greater likelihood for future referrals.

Here are our best practices for leaving a lasting impression on your clients this holiday gifting season.


What Should Good Holiday Gifting Do?

Develop your business and marketing goals for the coming months. Demonstrate you’ve paid attention to what matters most. Do your clients support local philanthropic causes? If so, give gifts that give back, like donating to a local non-profit in their name. According to a Cone Cause Evolution Survey 87% of consumers said they would switch to another brand if the other brand were associated with a good cause. If you have clients who love to donate their time to their communities, host a volunteer opportunity at a non-profit organization. Invite clients and their families and encourage them to bring a friend or co-worker. Choose a cause you’re already involved in and share your story. Your clients want to get to know you and build a relationship just as you do with them. Don’t be afraid to get personal.

 Break through the holiday noise. This is your opportunity to be unique or do something unexpected. Ask what activities your clients like to engage in during the holidays. Curate an experience to share with them by hosting a small group at a local business or restaurant, or consider organizing a family-friendly seasonal activity. Other experiences such as hosting a family cooking class, wine tasting, children’s comedy show, or history tour can create long-lasting memories – instead of more clutter. 

Take something off your clients’ plates. Give your clients the gift of time this year. Send a pie or a beautiful floral arrangement for their holiday table. Did they recently start a family or have younger children? Companies like and UrbanSittter allow gift card options for babysitters. Or it could be as simple as making gift wrapping easier and more fun by sending your clients beautiful holiday wrapping paper with a company like RichWrap. Doing something helpful for your clients is an amazing way to make a lasting impact. 


What Should Good Holiday Gifting NOT Do?

Be self-promotional. Putting your logo on a high-quality promotional item can be an impactful strategy for welcoming a new client to your firm, but it shouldn’t be considered a holiday gift. When looking for a gift reflective of your relationships, consider celebrating your clients’ business or family successes. Did they start a company this year, have an anniversary, or reach a huge milestone? Sending a gift with their logo or achievement engraved, embossed, or embroidered will mean more than a gift with your own. Plus, when asked where the client received the item, they will have a unique story to tell.

 Be generic or irrelevant to your client’s life. You would not want to receive a gift that had nothing to do with your values, interests, or goals. Your clients are the same way. Going local is a great way to make a gift feel more relevant to your clients, and support your fellow business owners. Send locally made gifts, such as hand-made holiday-themed treats, custom charcuterie boards, or home or office décor. Need help figuring out where to start? Search Etsy and narrow down your search to your local area.

 Feel wasteful. Make these gifts personal. If you know your clients well, this can be an efficient way to have more impact with less effort. Your top clients could likely be organized into a few groups of similar interests. With your more outdoorsy clients, gift solar-powered chargers, Patagonia gear, or a national parks coffee table book. If you have a group who loves to cook, gift them with a customizable cookbook for their family recipes, a homemade pasta maker, or a monthly cooking or baking subscription box such as Eat2Explore.


Wrapping Up

Holiday gifting should be focused on showing your clients how much you appreciate them. Go beyond the traditional fruit basket or logoed wearable. Choose a gift that is unique, custom, and personalized to them, and watch as your relationships deepen. Happy Gifting!


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