Jessica Jacobsen

Strategy and Experience Alchemist

Jessica Jacobsen is a WGP Strategy Expert and our resident Experience Alchemist. She guides financial advisors and their teams in elevating and optimizing their client experience, resulting in strong multi-generational connections, enduring client loyalty, and repeatable, data-driven successes.

About Jessica

Jessica believes the key to successful marketing for financial firms is focusing on what makes them truly unique. While many tout tools, solutions, or jargon-laden industry terms, the best in the business know that presenting their authentic selves from the start results in stronger client advocates and deeper business relationships.

With more than 20 years of experience in advertising, marketing, and financial services, Jessica helps teams identify their unique abilities within saturated markets and implement strategies that propel their brand value to drive the firm’s client acquisition and strategic growth.

Jessica has earned and maintains her Series 7, 66 and SIE Registrations.

A Conversation with Jessica

Why is our team so good at what we do?
We recognize that no two firms are alike, and thus, marketing strategies should play to their distinctive strengths.

What gives you the most energy about what you do?
I deeply value connecting with teams from across the country. I enjoy helping them expand their impact through thoughtful fact-finding, creative problem-solving, and serving as an extension of their team. I also love digging into the operational element of marketing to make initiatives repeatable and efficient.

What’s your favorite WGP value?
Empowerment. I feel like the work I do makes an impact within our firm. The team has the autonomy to create and execute valued and appreciated ideas while being challenged to become the best version of our professional selves.

What’s your superpower?

One fun fact, secret talent, or guilty pleasure?
I love music! In my former career I worked at a record label and for several entertainment magazines. I would be a music supervisor in another life.

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