Whole Growth Marketing serves up the bite-sized learning and actionable resources you need to accelerate your growth. With this membership you’ll get…

Self-paced training and small group community sessions led by WGP marketing experts

Marketing pop-up videos for real-time opportunities

Follow-up strategy templates and language, for when you’re stuck on the next step

Fresh perspectives, feedback and accountability from colleagues across the country

Immediately implementable marketing ideas and step-by-step processes to get them done

Digital marketing tips to level up your social and digital presence

Curriculum Outline

Top Client Insights

Session: Know Your Clients to Grow Your Clients

Homework: Top Client Insights Workbook

Community Session Discussion: Implementation and Strategy

Actionable: Using Top Client Insights to replicate top clients and focus your marketing activities.

Ideal Client Profiling

Session: Growing with the Right People

Homework: Ideal Client avatar & workbook

Community Session Discussion: Top Client Insights implementation, Client Avatar assessment + takeaways

Actionable: Using Ideal Client Profile to attract more and better prospects

Clarifying & Structuring Brand Messaging

Session: So, Why You? Better Firm Messaging to Attract the Right Prospects

Homework: Brand Messaging workbook

Community Session Discussion: Brand Messaging and Prospecting

Actionable: Writing compelling brand messaging

Building a Marketing Plan to Propel Your Firm & Prospecting

Session: Building a Strategic Marketing Plan

Homework: Client preferences interviews

Community Session Discussion: Strengthening your marketing plan

Actionable: Your three foundational marketing strategies and activities

Strategic Social Media

Session: Leveraging a Strong, Strategic Social Media Presence for Better Engagement

Homework: Building a social media calendar

Community Session Discussion: (Compliant) social media tips and tricks

Actionable: Using your social media calendar to create awareness and drive prospects through your marketing funnel

Stronger COI Relationships

Session: Cultivating Stronger COI Relationships for More and Better Referrals

Homework: COI Identification worksheet

Community Session Discussion: Breaking Through COI Challenges

Actionable: Your COI action plan

Custom Client Communications

Session: Refreshing Your Client Experience with Custom Communications

Homework: Create your custom newsletter template

Community Session Discussion: Communication & The Client Experience

Actionable: Your custom, templated newsletter

Impactful Onboarding Experiences

Session: Refreshing Your Top Client Onboarding Experience for Successful Relationship-Building

Homework: Audit & refine your onboarding experience and communications

Community Session Discussion: Onboarding for HNW Clients

Actionable: Your custom, high-touch onboarding experience plan

Nurturing Client Loyalty

Session: Nurturing Top Clients into Loyal Advocates of Your Firm

Homework: Strategic Client Experience Plan

Community Session Discussion: The full client experience

Actionable: Your strategic top client experience plan

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