AI: Marketing’s Robo Advisor

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword over the last couple of years. It seems like everyone is talking (or posting) about how an AI language model like ChatGPT will be used by companies to replace certain positions, save money, or insert whatever amazing claim you’ve heard. 

So, what’s our take on ChatGPT in the marketing space? ChatGPT is to experienced marketers like us, what robo-advising is to wealth management advisors like you.  

That hit home, didn’t it? 

The financial and wealth management advisors we typically work with roll their eyes at robo-advising, and this is how most marketers feel about ChatGPT.  

However, we’re not most marketers. We believe ChatGPT serves a few important purposes: 

It’s a Self-Selection Tool

AI tools like ChatGPT and robo-advising have something in common. They’re typically geared for The DIYer. We all know someone who comes to mind: the person who just doesn’t value the experience, talent, and expertise of, well, experts. They’d rather do it themselves. And hey, that’s OK. 

In fact, it’s more than OK. Here’s why. Financial advisors and creative marketers alike know how challenging it can be to work with a DIY client. AI tools provide a support avenue for people who aren’t our ideal clients. So, thank you, AI, ChatGPT and Robo-Advisor. Now we have more time to work with individuals who value our expertise.   

It’s an Experience Differentiator

Robo-advising is typically positioned as a low-cost and hands-off approach to investing. But it does not provide personalized guidance, comprehensive financial planning, or the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted advisor. A real human. Someone who knows you personally and understands your distinctive goals. Someone who gets you and your unique personality. Someone who is an extension of your team, challenges you respectfully, and serves in your best interest.  

We just described the unique value you bring to clients. We also described ours. We’re a strategic partner, not an automated algorithm. 

It’s a Marketing Tool, Not a Replacement

Can AI be a helpful tool for generating ideas or identifying synonyms? Sure. Can it replace your marketing team, copywriter, or other creative roles? We say,H – E – Double Toothpicks, No.” Or if you’re in the north, then perhaps it’s Double Hockey Sticks. Whatever. You get what we mean.  

The most important part of copywriting is telling a compelling story, which, of course, requires human qualities and emotions. If you’ve worked with us at Whole Growth Partners, you know we’re all about HEART marketing. Cue empathy, creativity, and critical thinking. We write copy that has heart and soul.  

ChatGPT can’t develop or amplify your firm’s distinctive voice, tone or perspective. AI certainly doesn’t know your unique brand. And it can’t reflect your personality and character that differentiate you from the sea of sameness. 

ChatGPT is a bot; it regurgitates what is already found on the internet. It generates similar – or even the exact same content – as anyone else entering a similar query. We shouldn’t even need to say how tricky this could get. Plagiarism is the quickest way to erode trust in your brand. Then there’s also this little thing called accuracy. AI is often littered with misinformation and biases. Ah, don’t get us started. 

Online tools and technology cannot and should not replace human connections and creative talent. This is, after all, a relationship-based business.  

Relationships win EVERY time.  

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