Darcy Ralls Ripple, MBA

Partner and Vision Architect

Darcy Ripple is a WGP Partner and our resident Vision Architect. She works with financial advisors and marketing associates to propel their businesses and develop deeply loyal advocates.

About Darcy

Darcy believes in the tremendous opportunities great marketing creates for businesses looking to differentiate their services. Her commitment to actionable marketing has enabled financial services firms across the country to develop unstoppable strategies for success.

After spending more than a decade in high-profile sales and marketing roles with Fortune 500 companies, Darcy now focuses on empowering professionals who too often forgo strategic marketing due to lack of expertise and the demands of day-to-day work.

Darcy holds an MBA from UW-Milwaukee and two degrees from Purdue University in Selling & Sales Management and Entrepreneurship. She is a Certified Trainer.

A Conversation with Darcy

Why is our team so good at what we do?
We push each other and have extremely high expectations, but still value momentum and progress over perfection. We’re willing to test and we’re willing to fail (alongside all of our successes!) in marketing our own business, so that we can be that much more effective for our clients.

What gives you the most energy about what you do?
Seeing progress and witnessing the lightbulb moments within our many partnerships. And helping our clients do things they didn’t think they could do – that in and of itself is incredibly rewarding and motivating for me.

What’s your favorite WGP value?
Empowerment. We get to help others get better at what they do and learn professional AND life skills that will take them further than they thought possible. What could possibly be better?

What’s your superpower?
Getting stuff done and making almost anything happen. The ladies on the team call me the “energizer bunny.” I simply do not quit and once I get rolling, the momentum is not only palpable, but nearly unstoppable.

One fun fact, secret talent, or guilty pleasure?
Guilty pleasure: dark chocolate. Ice cream, chocolate bars, hot cocoa… the darker the better

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